2016 Retinitis Nobilis by Gaia Estate Vol 12% (750ml)

2016 Retinitis Nobilis by Gaia Estate Vol 12% (750ml)

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Grape Variety: 100% Roditis

Region: Peloponnese

Did you know?
Retsina is the traditional wine of Greece since antiquity. It has its own unique style due to the addition of a quantity of resin from the pine tree “Pinus Halepensis” during fermentation.

Gaia Estate decided to create a “new wave” style Retsina,  RITINITIS NOBILIS, in order to redefine and reposition the quality context of the traditional wine of Greece.

Flavor Notes:

Made from Roditis grapes and a small amount of pine resin, this new style retsina is clean and refreshing, with herb and eucalyptus aromas.The pine notes are floating all around as if carried on a breeze. It will keep you cool all summer long, on its own or with a nice selection of meze.

TGL Recommendation:

Melitzanosalata, dolmadakia, octopus, smoked eel, salt cod in batter, 
grilled fish, salads.