2015 Vilana, Idaia, Vol 12%

2015 Vilana, Idaia, Vol 12%

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Grape Variety: 100% Vilana

Region: Crete

Did you know?

“Idaia” is the first name of ancient Crete. This was the name of the mother of the ten Kouretes. Her husband Zeus, was the king of Crete. Zeus wanted to honour his wife, therefore he named the whole island “Idaia”.

Flavour Notes:

Delicate aromatic characters of ripe pear, melon and a hint of banana, lead to a refreshing acidity which balances the rich and charming palate. With an impressively aromatic aftertaste, this is the quintessential introduction to the Vidiano grape

TGL Recommendation:

Melitzanosalata, dolmadakia, octopus, smoked eel, salt cod in batter,
grilled fish, salads.