2014 Klima by Karavitakis, Vol 13.5%

2014 Klima by Karavitakis, Vol 13.5%

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Grape Variety: 40% Merlot 

                       60% Kotsifali

Region: Chania / Crete

Did you know?

The Karavitakis family have owned land and vineyard at Kolymbari near Chania for four generations and have been bottling their own wines for 20 years.

They are part of a movement called Wines of Crete, including many other young independent growers, which has challenged the arrogant older-generation view that the old oxidative wines were best.

Flavour Notes:

This is a perfect introduction to Greek indigenous grape varieties.The Kotsifali grape alone gives moderately red wine with high alcohol content and rich flavour. 

This medium-bodied red will offer you an explosion of dark fruits blended with leather and black olives notes. 

TGL Recommendations:

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Tigania (home made lamb sausage & sweetbreads, shallots, peppers), sourdough bruschetta

Xoirino & fasolakia kokkinisto (Gloucester old spot pork neck fillet, flat green bean casserole)

Outdoor reared chicken, arakas laderos (green pea casserole)

Crevette saganaki (large prawns, slow cooked tomato sauce, Santorinian caper & feta cheese)