2015 Earth & Sky by Thymiopoulos, Vol 13.5%

2015 Earth & Sky by Thymiopoulos, Vol 13.5%

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Grape variety: 100% Xinomavro

Region: W. Macedonia

Did you know?

Apostolos Thymiopoulos lets the vineyards’ character shine through by not interfering with nature too much. He does not prune the vines so they can find their own balance, and he is careful not to over-irrigate as it can lead to unpleasantly dominant tannins.

Various pests are an issue – in particular, wild boar from the surrounding woods have a very sweet tooth – but Apostolos uses nature to counteract them.

For instance, to counteract a plague of locusts in 2012, he released fifty guinea fowl into the vineyards who quickly devoured the problem!

Flavour notes:

Earth and Sky is the top wine from Thymiopoulos, one of the most best and most exciting producers in Greece.

Full-bodied, yet somehow supremely graceful, it is a very fine example of how good the Xinomavro grape can be.

If you like Barolo, try this!

TGL recommendation:

Seared spring lamb, slow oven braised okra & Tinos graviera

Grilled best end of veal, mavromatika fasolia (black eyed bean, tomatoes & olives salad)

Tigania (home made lamb sausage & sweetbreads, shallots, peppers), sourdough bruschetta