2014 'Mm', Sigalas Estate Vol 13.5%

2014 'Mm', Sigalas Estate Vol 13.5%

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Grape Variety: 40% Mandilaria

                      60% Mavrotragano

Region: Santorini Island

Did you know?

The Santorini vines are classified as old vines (since they were not destroyed during the Phylloxera epidemic), and are over 50 years in age. This wine comes from a 60 years old vine stuck in a sandy soil full of volcanic ash and pumice. 

Flavour Notes: 

Deep crimson colour and refreshing scent of red fruits. A bouquet of finely blended aromas, tannins and acidity.

TGL Recommendation:

Tigania (home made lamb sausage & sweetbreads, shallots, peppers), sourdough bruschetta

Seared spring lamb, slow oven braised okra & Tinos graviera

Xoirino & fasolakia kokkinisto (Gloucester old spot pork neck fillet, flat green bean casserole)