2013 Hedgehog, Ktima Alpha, (W.Macedonia) Vol 14.5%

2013 Hedgehog, Ktima Alpha, (W.Macedonia) Vol 14.5%

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Grape Variety: 100% Xinomavro

Region: Florina / W. Macedonia

Did you know? The vineyard name is Hedgehog because it is an ancient nesting area for the local hedgehog species that Alpha Estate continues to preserve and protect.

Flavour notes:

Aged twelve months in French oak barrel and and another twelve months in the bottle before going on the market.

A complex wine with a bright purple-red colour, beautiful hints of vanilla, pepper and cloves. 

This is a full-bodied wine with rounded tannins, well integrated wood and leather tones and a long lasting aftertaste with intense quince aroma.

TGL recommendation:

Seared spring lamb, slow oven braised okra & Tinos graviera

Grilled best end of veal, mavromatika fasolia (black eyed bean, tomatoes & olives salad)

Tigania (home made lamb sausage & sweetbreads, shallots, peppers), sourdough bruschetta